Be ‘Charmed’ By Thoroughbass

Soprano Danielle Grant

Thoroughbass presents Charmed, a recital of songs that are nice, songs that are nasty and songs that are just plain weird. But they will all charm you in one way or another.

There’s Britten’s fascinating but unsettling A Charm of Lullabies, a selection from Christopher Robin’s Song Book (Harold Fraser-Simson/Milne) and more. It’s surprising how insightful a 3-year-old can be. Some floral gifts by Ann Carr-Boyd, and a concoction of spells in songs based on three Walter de la Mare poems by Diana Blom. Intertwining the song-sets are sonatas by Johann Christian Bach – tuneful, playful and charming.

The performers: Danielle Grant – soprano/ Diana Weston – piano

Tickets: Adults $35 | Concession $30

Click here to book online or phone 0411 375 821



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