Being in the moment – Bach in the Dark

Cellist Rachel Scott says “It’s exciting times”. She’s talking about Bach in The Dark, a concert series she inaugurated four years ago. The series features several concerts a year in the crypt of St James’ King Street, Sydney and in regional centres. Apart from core cello repertoire by Bach, Rachel Scott has forged innovative partnerships performing arrangements of Bach inspired music for cello and friends – amongst them, soprano, percussion,  voice, cor anglais, another cello, and piano. In August accordionist Anthony Schulz joins her in recital.

Rachel continues, “To celebrate the new things ahead, I am putting on a special event – a concert of the first Bach Suite (the piece that started off the idea of the concert series four years ago) and Martin Wesley-Smith’s beautiful “Uluru Song” – the piece that I think most represents me as a cellist!”

As seating in the crypt is limited, bookings are recommended.

Tickets: $30. Call 9591 1207 or email

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