Bernard Walz Performs With The Metropolitan Orchestra


Join The Metropolitan Orchestra with Chief Conductor Sarah-Grace Williams as they journey through a wonderfully varied program including gypsy folk inspired music by Kodaly, piano virtuosity with both Jazz and Classical inspiration from Gershwin, and finally the famous Enigma Variations by Elgar.

They begin their global journey in Galanta (now part of Slovakia), where the combination of a local gypsy band with deep origins of Hungarian Folk music come together in the folk inspired Dances of Galanta from Zoltan Kodaly.

Bernard Walz
Bernard Walz

Then it’s off to America with Gershwin’s popular Rhapsody in Blue, one of the composer’s most famous works combining elements of classical music with jazz-influenced effects. Three time winner of the Australian Entertainment MO Award for Variety Instrumental Performer of the Year, and a Number One charting recording artist, pianist Bernard Walz joins TMO for this exhilarating piece. 

They then travel back across the Atlantic to complete their journey in England with Edward Elgar’s famous and moving Enigma Variations.

Kodaly, Z: Dances of Galanta/ Gershwin, G: Rhapsody in Blue/Elgar, E: Enigma Variations, opus 36.

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