Bowerbird Collective’s ‘Invisible Connections’ Online

To celebrate World Migratory Bird Day on May 9th 2020, the Bowerbird Collective, comprising violinist Simone Slattery and cellist Anthony Albrecht created Invisible Connections a concert experience like no other: a musical and visual journey from the continental shores and archipelagos of Australasia to the tundra of Siberia and Alaska, tracing the awe-inspiring odyssey of shorebirds as they draw invisible connections across the globe.

Invisible Connections is still available to watch on YouTube

Anthony and Simone recorded, edited and produced Invisible Connections at Red Hut, King Island, in May 2020. Invisible to the naked eye, high above the land and oceans of the world, lie some of the planet’s busiest highways. Twice a year, these onnecting corridors of activity hum to the endless beats of millions of wings as birds commute between their seasonal homes. As they fly and land, and then lift into the clouds again, the flocks weave unseen threads that bind them to the world and its myriad inhabitants in diverse and unexpected ways…beyond our sight…beyond our imagination.

Just as migratory birds connect our world, weaving invisible connections for thousands of years, so too does music – the universal language that knows no borders. This 15-minute online performance event, facilitated by the EAAFP and hosted by the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, is a preview of the Bowerbird Collective’s complete live, multimedia performance piece, based on the story of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway. This is a work in development, with plans for extensive international touring from 2021 onward.

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