Changes In Store For The Australian String Quartet


The Australian String Quartet (ASQ) will not continue in its current configuration beyond 2014  due  to  artistic differences. Along with performing an annual national concert series, the quartet is also Quartet-in-Residence at the University of Adelaide.

After careful consideration, the Board of the ASQ has appointed violist Stephen King and cellist  Sharon Draper to lead  the quartet into the future. Chairman of the board Paul Clitheroe said “the ASQ’s  most  recent  performances  have been  truly exceptional  and  despite the board’s best efforts to maintain the current line-up,  it  was  advised  that the artistic differences  within the Quartet were irreconcilable”.  

“The ASQ by its nature will see transitions in players from time  to time. In managing these, the  priority  of the Board  is to be faithful to the  commitment to the many supporters of the  organisation  over the  last 30 years to bring the best of Australian  chamber  music performance  to  the  country  and  to  the  world,” Mr Clitheroe said. 

Departing quartet members Kristian Winther and Ioana Tache will continue to  perform with the  ASQ for the  remainder  of the year, ahead of  exploring their own  artistic  pursuits  in  2015.  ASQ  Executive  Director  Angelina  Zucco  said “over the past three  years first violinist  Kristian Winther  has  captivated  audiences  with  his  virtuosic  performances and his fresh and dynamic approach to string quartet repertoire”, adding “Ioana  Tache joined the ASQ a year ago and has flourished in the role of second violin.”

“Kristian and Ioana’s outstanding musicianship and passion will be missed by our  audiences and we wish  them  the best for  their futures,”  said Mr Clitheroe.  

Audiences across  the  country  will have  the  opportunity  to  farewell  Winther  and  Tache  during  the ASQ’s fourth National  Season  tour  from November 9-­‐ 9, 2014. Meanwhile, it  is  business  as  usual  as  the  ASQ  prepares  for  a  busy  season  of  performances  in  China, the Margaret River and  for  the  Melbourne  Festival  during  September  and  October. 

King  and Draper will commence  a national search to  recruit  two new members to the quartet as the ASQ heads into an exciting program of activity for its 30th Anniversary Year in 2015. 

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