Commissioning new music – Selby and Friends initiative

Getting the audience involved in the commissioning process is one of the initiatives adopted by chamber music ensemble Selby and Friends to foster the work of established and emerging Australian composers. Called “The Audience Commissioning Award”, Selby and Friends will combine their own funds with contributions from their audience to create new chamber works. Ensemble founder and director Kathy Selby devised the idea after receiving much valued audience feedback following the performance of a work by Andrew Ford, commissioned in 2009 and performed by the chamber group in 2010.

Most of those who commented, she says, wanted to hear it again so they could make up their minds properly.
Therein lies the dilemma – a reprise live performance has programming limitations; recording companies would rather back material that guarantees commercial success; copyright and performance rights govern posts on social media sites.

Where then is the opportunity for the public to hear these works again, and for composers to have their music heard and establish their names??

Selby says ” there is goldmine of terrific music from various Australian composers in the vault, that has only been heard once. We have a responsibility not only to keep adding to the repertoire, but to keep performing good stuff that’s already been done”.
Hear Ross Edwards’ piano quartet “Emerald Crossing”, commissioned in 1999 and rarely performed, when TRIOZ is joined by violist Yvette Goodchild – see “Emerald and Amber” .

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