Ephemera Quartet Performs The Music Of Celestial Landscapes


Ephemera presents Space Music, a show with new celestial compositions and projections.  This musical exploration of celestial landscapes such as pulsars, craters, planetary atmospheres, stars, sun and void merges the sound worlds of jazz and contemporary classical music. Set to the real sounds od space, it is a unique sonic experience accompanied by space projections.

The ensemble is led by Keyna Wilkins (piano/flute/compositions) with Elsen Price (double bass/loop pedal), Will Gilbert (trumpet) and Carl St Jacques (viola) and includes freely improvised pieces. NASA recordings of electromagnetic waves from planets and stars are the backdrop soundtrack and have been complied by astronomer Professor Paul Francis. Each member brings their own unique voice to the ensemble drawing from a multitude of musical backgrounds and combining to create a distinctive sound world that organically reacts to stellar concepts. Universe and Universality.

Formed in 2015, Ephemera has had a series of successful shows around Sydney and was invited to feature in Extended Play Festival of New Music at the City Recital Hall 2018 and Sydney International Womens’ Jazz Festival 2017.




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