Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Presents The Mikado

Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Sydney presents The Mikado, one of the best known Gilbert & Sullivan works of all-time.

This hilarious operetta is performed with a full 28-piece orchestra, lively music, colourful sets and costumes and a witty text. This freshened up version still has the traditional story in a new context with music and characters that we know and love.

Director: Dean Sinclair/ Associate Director & Choreographer: Sarah Pearce/ Musical Director: Rod Mounjed

The cast includes: The Mikado of Japan Tobias Page/ Nanki-Poo (His son, disguised) Jareth Norman/ Ko-Ko (Lord High Executioner of Titipu) Dean Sinclair/ Pooh-Bah (Lord High Everything Else) Joshua Knight/ Pish-Tush (A Noble Lord) Andrew Pennycuick/ Yum-Yum (A Ward of Ko-Ko) Anne-Louise Harris/ Pitti-Sing (Her sister) Johanna Knoechel / Lesley Braithwaite/ Peep-Bo (Her other sister) Oksana Popova/ Katisha (An Elderly Lady of the Mikado’s court) Megan Chalmers

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