Glen Christensen In Solo with The Metropolitan Orchestra

Glen Christensen
Glen Christensen

Glenn Christensen performs as soloist in Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in the fourth MET Concert for this year, presented by The Metropolitan Orchestra (TMO). Now a full-time member with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Glenn is also a member of the Lyrebird Trio who last performed with The Metropolitan Orchestra in 2014.

He joins Chief Conductor Sarah-Grace Williams in this concert titled “The Great” which also features Franz Schubert’s final symphony, the Symphony No.9 in the second half of the concert. The symphony begins with a noble, reflective and grandiose theme depicting a sense of space which has helped give the symphony its nickname. With a finale boasting a relentless momentum along with a choral movement reflective of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, this high-spirited performance will enthrall listeners, drawing them along from the first noble theme through to the last joyous note.

Tickets are available by visiting or call (02)8004-3472.

Presented by Cruiseco

BEETHOVEN   Violin Concerto

SCHUBERT   Symphony no 9 The Great

Conductor:   Sarah-Grace Williams

Violin:   Glenn Christensen (Australian Chamber Orchestra)


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