Miranda Musical Society presents ‘Pippin’

Following Miranda Musical Society’s sensational production of Anything Goes, they present the five-time Tony Award-winning musical Pippin is an electrifying, tongue-in-cheek fairy tale that dazzles audiences with a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds.

Prince Pippin, son of Charlemagne, embarks upon a quest for true fulfilment, seeking his own ‘corner of the sky’. He relishes the glories of the battlefield, savours the temptations of the flesh and embroils himself in political intrigues. But neither war, sex, revolution nor domesticity can satisfy him – or so he thinks!

Stephen Schwartz’s energetic pop-influenced score bursts with one show-stopping number after another, from soaring ballads to infectious dance numbers.

Cynical yet poetic, Pippin is a sharp and insightful look at the struggle of every person’s journey to find contentment in life.

Directed by Gavin Leahy with musical director Dean Turner and choreographer Kira Nelson, the production stars Emma Paull as The Leading Player, Rory Chatterton as Pippin, James Jonathon as Lewis, Garth Saville as Charles, Jennifer Parbery as Catherine, Melissa Lammers as Fastrada, Robyn Lassman as Berthe and 11-year-old Daniel Simpson as Theo.

Nicole Butler, Lisa Eastman, Joanne Furnari, Tyler Hoggard, Ellie McAdams, Temujin Tera, Stephanie Westbrook, James Swain and Tim Wotherspoon are the Players.

Director Gavin Leahy says this is a very ‘playful’, less cynical rendering of Pippin with a more seductive role for the Leading Player, played by Emma Paull.

“The story of following a ‘leader’ on a path to self-fulfilment is very relevant today,” says Leahy. “So is the balance between theatricality and reality in this age of celebrity obsession and so-called ‘reality’ TV. What is real? What is truly valuable? And who or what is worth following?”

Tickets $30 / $25 concession

Bookings (02) 8814 5827



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