Music Theatre Workshop At The Con Open Academy

In anticipation of its new Music Theatre program in 2022, the Conservatorium Open Academy is presenting a workshop to give students aged 15 to 25 to the skills needed to be a great musical theatre performer. With insights including stagecraft and presence, vocal technique, characterisation, ensemble work and more, students will have the chance to dance, act and sing in this hands-on workshop.

Its not just a glimpse but a taste of the fascinating, exciting, sometimes glamorous, but always hard working, world of Music Theatre.

Workshop presenters are drawn from the Music Theatre industry as well as the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Dr Narelle Yeo, Senior Lecturer in Stage Craft at the Conservatorium, Peter Cousens, Director and Performer, and Simon Kenway, Conductor, have collaborated to design sessions that will challenge students with specific skills in the key areas of singing, drama and dance as well as working to combine them in ‘the triple threat’ that every performer hopes to achieve. They will touch on chorus work, audition skills all founded in great technique as they explore each aspect of the genre.

The workshop will be held Saturday 27 March 9:30am – 1.00pm at the Conservatorium. There will be some music to learn before the workshop (which will be emailed to you), and students are also encouraged to bring sheet music for 16 bars of your favourite musical theatre solo and comfortable dance gear to the workshop.

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