Nadia Piave And Friends Bring Heartbeats, Drums and Christmas Bells


Nadia Piave and Gino Pengue
Nadia Piave and Gino Pengue

Soprano Nadia Piave presents Heartbeats, Drums and Christmas Bells – a celebration of Christmas in song and rhythm, featuring traditional, medieval, folk and contemporary Christmas songs and carols.

Describing the music, Nadia says “It’s all about drums, voices, bells, chimes and drones this year – beating hearts, sighs and shimmering lights in a beautiful collection of traditional carols, lullabies, folk hymns and carols.”

The programme includes O Jerusalem by Hildegard von Bingen, villancicos by Rodrigo, Australian carols and lullabies by Ross Edwards, Ruth McCall and Christina Mimmocchi as well as the beautiful Maranoa Lullabye, Scottish gems: Matt McGinn’s Coorie Doon and Benjamin Britten’s Highland Balou, French noels and some Christmas music jewels by William Walton, Tom Race…and Sir Anon!

Nadia is joined by her friends and snd colleagues Tara Hashambhoy, Vanessa Rohanna, Gino Pengue, Billy MacPherson, Jess Ciampa and Luke Robinson.

The ticket price includes sparkles and pandoro, traditional Italian sweet yeast bread, most popular around Christmas and New Year. Typically a Veronese product, pandoro is traditionally shaped like a frustum with an eight-pointed star section.

The musicians: Nadia Piave, Vanessa Rohanna, Jess Ciampa – voices/ Tara Hashamboy – viola/ Gino Pengue – guitars/Billy MacPherson – yidaki/Jess Ciampa – Luke Robinson – percussion

Music of Rodrigo, von Bingen, Edwards, McCall, McGinn, Britten, Walton, Jacotin, Mimmocchi, Race and lots by Anon

 Tickets: $30 includes Sparkles and Pandoro!

Bookings or tix at the Door

Nadia will be performing on ABC Radio National’s (RN) for “Christmas Breakfast” on Christmas morning, singing carols in Catalan, Occitan, Neapolitan and even a carol from the Island of Madagascar, sung in Malagasy, with Gino on guitar and Luke Robinson on the beats.


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