Thoroughbass Recreates Debussy’s Children’s Ballet


Thoroughbass presents a Christmas event for young and old – a remake of Claude Debussy’s children’s ballet La Boîte à joujoux, (The Toybox), composed in 1913 but not performed until 1919, after his death.

Using Debussy’s own short precis, and his many stage directions and emotive tags, Thoroughbass recreates a semblance of the original story, complete with all the original illustrations by André Hellé.

They dance, they play. They are naughty and nice. 

They fight a battle, but still they live happily ever after in the toybox.

Debussy started orchestrating the piano score, but didn’t get far. Thoroughbass takes the liberty of forming its own children-sized orchestra, consisting of harpsichord, piano, violin, viola da gamba, triangles, whistles, drums, stamps and claps. Narrated by Inara Molinari with Diana Weston, Shaun Ng, Tara Hashambhoy, and Steve Machamer forming the ‘Orchestre Thoroughbass’.

This is a show suitable for the 5 – 85 age group! Bring your children or grandchildren for a Christmas treat.

Tickets: Adults $35 | Children under 16 free (available online or at the door – booking recommended)



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