Nadia Piave And Friends Celebrate Cancionero Iberico!

Parra 4
Violeta Parra – gracias a la vida – Madalena Lobau-Tella

Sydney chanteuse Nadia Piave presents her annual Cancionero concert, Cancionero Iberico 2018: Peña! celebrating the life and songs of the great Victor Jara and his circle, Violetta Parra, Horacio Salinas and Pablo Neruda.

This year’s audience is treated to readings from Neruda’s most evocative love poetry and the Canto General, and is once again accompanied by an ensemble of fans of the Chilean nueva cancion. This concert of poetry and song  is on the eve of the anniversary of the events in Chile on September 11, 1973.

Peña is a meeting place or grouping of musicians or artists. In Chile the term came to mean a popular venue, just like Django, where folk music was played and simple (but delicious!) food and drink were available. It was in the peñas of Santiago del Chile in the 1960s that the song form known as Nueva Cancion was born, and some of the main exponents of the style were musicians such as Violetta Parra, Victor Jara and the groups Inti-Illimani and Quilapayun. The concept of a Peña, like the music of these musicians, is inextricably linked to a sense of social justice and grassroots culture.

The performers: Nadia Piave – voice/ Pino Scuro – recitador/ Tina Marsden – flute/ Tara Hashambhoy – viola/ Gino Pengue, Robert Clancy – guitars/ Luke Robinson – percussion

Tickets: $25 plus Booking Fee








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