Offspring Bites 1: A New Release From Ensemble Offspring


Ensemble Offspring has an exciting venture. It is a new annual recording series, Offspring Bites, celebrating the creation of new art music in Australia today, featuring an audio release alongside newly commissioned video art created by video artists Samuel James and Oliver Miller paired with the recordings.

It is a start towards realising what Ensemble Offspring has for some time, been seeking to do to discover new ways of sharing commissions and extending the life of a new work beyond its concert premiere; to reach wider audiences, not limited by time or geography, and give listeners a different insight into this music. As Australian composer Tristan Coelho says, “One of the challenges as a composer is what to do after the premiere of a new work – will it have a life beyond that initial performance or drift into the ether?”

The first release, Offspring Bites 1 showcases well-known Australian composer Mary Finsterer, alongside the highly talented Tristan Coelho, and Berlin-based Mexican composer and sound artist, Juan Felipe Waller. Their works couldn’t be more different, but what they do have in common is an uncompromising aesthetic and an obsession with new and original sound worlds.


Offspring Bites 1
Juan Felipe Waller – Detone Retune (2014)
Mary Finsterer – Silva (2012)
Tristan Coelho – read/write error (2015)

Offspring Bites 1 is available for purchase through Bandcamp.

Limited Edition CD release: $25
Digital album: $15


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