Pinchgut Opera Live on ABC Classic

Erin Helyard and Taryn Fiebig

Pinchgut Opera performs live on ABC Classic in a performance curated by Artistic Director Erin Helyard, featuring a selection of musical pieces written by a youthful Handel during his time studying in Italy. Watch and listen as Pinchgut Opera performs Handel in Italy live, as part of ABC Classic’s baroque-fest.

“Handel was only twenty-one when Ferdinando de’ Medici, heir to the Grand Duke Cosimo III, visited Hamburg and sought out the young composer. All was needed to perfect his style, the Prince said, was a sponsored trip to Italy. This concert celebrates the verve, zest, and exuberant passion of the young Handel in Italy, on the cusp of a glorious international career,” says Helyard.

Also performing are Taryn Fiebig, Matthew Greco, Rafael Font Viera, Karina Schmitz, Anthea Cottee and Simon Martyn-Ellis. The concert will be broadcast live on radio and live streamed on the ABC Classic website, YouTube channel and Facebook page.


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