Support Act Offers COVID-19 Crisis Relief Grants

The COVID-19 pandemic has created intense financial hardship for artists, crew and music workers from all genres. Many were the first to lose their jobs and income and this sector could well be the last to recover.

Support Act is a charity providing services to musicians, music workers and crew including Crisis Relief grants, mental health training, and the Wellbeing Helpline. Grants are not competitive, and members of the music industry are encouraged to apply if they are unable to work due to COVID-19. To apply for a COVID-19 Crisis Relief grant, please visit the Get Help page at 

For assistance with your application, please call 1300 731 303 or email Support Act.

Support Act’s Wellbeing Helpline is a free, confidential service available to anyone in the music or arts industries who might wish to discuss any aspect of their mental health or wellbeing.  This service is available 24/7 and is staffed by professional counsellors with specific industry training. Information about this service can be found at and can be called on 1800 959 500.

Crisis relief grants are offered to music industry professionals affected by COVID-19, with funding from the Australian Government through the Office for the Arts.   This includes:
• musicians, crew and music workers who are unable to access Government benefits due to eligibility or other issues; and
• musicians, crew and music workers who have been able to access Government benefits but are still facing financial hardship

Support Act continues to provide support to those who are suffering financial hardship as a result of injury, ill-health or a mental health issue that is managed through a current Mental Health plan.

To be eligible for a Crisis Relief grant, you must:
• be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or have a valid working visa
• prove that you have been working in the music industry for three years
• provide names and details of two professional referees
• have household expenses which are greater than your household income.

There is no deadline to apply, however, those experiencing hardship are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Support Act’s social workers aim to process applications within 21 days of receipt, but delays may be experienced from time to time due to high demand.

Support Act provides financial support in the areas of rent/mortgage, food, utilities, medical equipment and costs. They may also offer support that is not financial, or refer applicants to other services. Unfortunately, assistance for businesses is not provided, nor funding for office or studio rent, purchase of musical equipment, payment of staff etc.

Support Act reviews its crisis relief policy on an ongoing basis and updates it as required.

Please note: grants are not competitive. If you meet the criteria, Support Act we will pay agreed bills on your behalf.
For mental health advice and support, the Wellbeing Helpline is available 24/7 by calling 1800 959 500.

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