pulse:heart:beats from TaikOz and Synergy – Sounds Trigger Vision

Percussion ensembles Synergy Percussion and TaikOz, join forces to present pulse:heart:beat, a concert which they warn will ‘shake the foundations of the city with one powerful beating heart.’

For over four decades, Synergy Percussion has led contemporary percussion music in Australia. Its sister group, TaikOz, established in 1997 features some of the country’s best Japanese taiko drum musicians.

The concert is a high-energy, large-scale musical presentation combined with cinematic vision. It features more than 20 artists and percussion instruments who will perform newly written music set against a backdrop of films by local filmmakers which represent how  emotion can smash through urban barriers.

pulse:heart:beat is always a celebration and it’s the only time Synergy directly collaborates with our sister group TaikOz. In 2010 we opened up lots of sonic landscapes together – massive clockwork beat machines, pop-infused melodies, dueling ensembles and wild solos,” says Timothy Constable, Artistic Director of Synergy Percussion.

“People constantly use words like evocative, ‘filmic’ or cinematic to describe Synergy’s music. Mostly we let them paint their own pictures in their heads, but this time we’re excited to join with AFTRS post-graduate filmmakers to present work from the recent crop of star directors-in-the-making.”

Audiences will experience a new piece of pulsating music, mixed ‘live’ in real time as a kaleidoscope of sonic beats and inventive imagery by one of Sydney’s best VJs. Three more films will be shown, including work from the brilliant documentary maker Michael Chin. Other repertoire includes City Girl, Resounding Bell (composed by TaikOz’s Kevin Man, Kerryn Joyce and Riley Lee) and two more world premieres.

“The visual arts and taiko drumming associate well because the taiko has an intrinsic visual aspect, which lends itself to theatrically and drama,” says Ian Cleworth, Artistic Director, TaikOz. “Movement is sound and sound is movement.”

Tickets $50 – $85,

Bookings: www.cityrecitalhall.com (02) 8256 2222 or 1300 797 118.
Additional fees may apply.




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