Sabine Meyer Masterclass

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Clarinettist Sabine Meyer and a member of the Alliage Quintett will conduct a masterclass in Sydney during her tour with the Alliage Quintett for Musica Viva.

It is a welcome return visit to Sydney for the clarinettist who was last here in 2011. She is considered one of the most famous clarinettists through time and was one of the first women to be offered principal positions with leading European orchestras.

The Alliage Quintett comprises four brilliant saxophone soloists and a charismatic pianist, giving the ensemble an exceptionally blended and unusual sound.

In this Masterclass, audiences are invited to go ‘behind-the-scenes’ and observe Sabine and a member of Alliage Quintett working with talented musicians, learning techniques to enhance their performance and musical interpretation.

Musica Viva’s Masterclass program provides students, music teachers and audiences of all ages with an entertaining and enriching learning experience.

Tickets: Free

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Click here for information about Sabine Meyer and The Alliage Quintett touring for Music Viva.

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