Lane Cove Theatre Company Presents Beauty And The Beast

The full cast of Lane Cove Theatre Company's Beauty and the Beast
The full cast of Lane Cove Theatre Company’s Beauty and the Beast

Lane Cove Theatre Company presents Beauty and the Beast adapted and directed by Sarah Edwards, starring a talented teen cast.

Beauty and the Beast is much loved in versions from Victor Hugo’s epic novel to the recent Disney movies. It is one of the world’s great love stories and this family-friendly re-imagining boasts a cast brimming with energy and musical talent!

The story follows the adventures of Belle, a bright young woman with no shortage of attitude when challenged by the small-minded! She finds herself imprisoned in a castle with the mysterious Beast, who is really a prince trapped in a spell. With the assistance of the castle’s enchanted staff, a delightful and tender romance develops between these two unlikely friends and Belle soon learns the most important lesson of all; that true beauty comes from within.

Adapted and directed by Sarah Edwards, the production stars Josie Segal as Belle, Alexei Belchenko as the Beast, Cassie Mildwater as Gaston, Jeremy Segal as Lumiere, Haydon Ashley as Cogsworth, Madeleine Biddle as Mrs Potts and Lefou, Aidan Emeleus as Maurice, Emma Ashley as Plumette, Katie McPherson as Philippe the Horse and Eve Emeleus as Chip, along with Charlotte Pugh, Amelie Balestriere, Holly Barling, Alice Austin, Valeria Gonzalez Lopez and Piper Kup-Ferroth in the ensemble.


Tickets: $25 / $20 conc / $15 children / $18 groups 10+ / Families (2+2) $70



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