Songs My Mother Taught Me – Macliver And Munro

Sara Macliver
Sara Macliver

Soprano Sara Macliver and pianist Ian Munro, present well-known and not-so-well-known art songs about women in Songs My Mother Taught Me. The duo aim to nurture and develop the Art Song which is an increasingly rare format.

“It is not that long ago that everyone knew what art song was” Macliver says, “and everyone performed it, however that has changed in 2019. Now people ask me ‘so, what is art song?’”.

Australia Ensemble pianist Ian Munro explains “song recital is a genre that has suffered a bit in the last few decades” adding that he doesn’t often get the chance to play solo vocal repertoire. Even though he and Macliver have been working together for 20 years, this is their first recital together. This dynamic duo has been performing together for 20 years and have developed a friendship which they will draw on when interpreting these timeless works. There is a huge amount of art song repertoire to explore, and the mission of nurturing these works before the next generation picks up the mantle is a challenging one. Macliver and Munro are taking this rare opportunity to present a full song recital to champion women – their stories and their music.

Songs My Mother Taught Me, after Dvořák’s work of the same name from his Gypsy Songs cycle, explores various views of womanhood through art song and features the music of composers Hélène Tham and Amy Beach.


Winter Gala: Songs My Mother Taught Me: Ian Munro, piano and Sara Macliver, soprano

Tickets $60/$50/$40
Bookings:  or 02 9385 4874





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