The Metropolitan Orchestra Plays The Music Of The Inspired


In the final Met Concert for 2016 The Metropolitan Orchestra (TMO) led by Chief Conductor Sarah-Grace Williams will perform music by Mendelssohn that was inspired by Shakespeare, music by Kats-Chernin that was inspired by Mozart and by Beethoven who inspired so many.

Written for William Shakespeare’s play, Mendelssohn’s evocative Overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream was composed at the tender age of 17.  A work filled with twists and turns, ebbs and flows, it ends as it begins with the sound of a gentle breeze blowing through the trees.  In the Ornamental Air for Basset Clarinet for Orchestra, Elena Kats-Chernin sets out to accent the flexibility and colours of this unusual instrument, while giving it a natural home in the context of the orchestra. The wide range of the basset clarinet is accentuated during this virtuosic work. TMO’s principal clarinet Andrew Doyle is the soloist with a brand new instrument built for this very performance.

The concert ends with Beethoven’s magnificent Symphony no 7. Many lovers of classical music consider the second movement of this joyful symphony driven by dance rhythms to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written.

MENDELSSOHN  A Midsummer Night’s Dream Overture/ KATS-CHERNIN   Ornamental Air for Basset Clarinet and Orchestra/ BEETHOVEN  Symphony no 7

Conductor: Sarah-Grace Williams/ Basset Clarinet:   Andrew Doyle (Principal Clarinet, TMO)

Bookings: or call (02) 8004-3472

The A-One Cafe in the ABC Centre will be open from 7pm.



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