The Muffat Collective: Cafes And Cathedrals


The Muffat Collective presents Cafes and Cathedrals, an evening of rare 17th century German music performed on period instruments. From coffee-house to church hall, enjoy pieces from an era when music was at the height of its ability to “move heart and spirit.”

“All of music’s pleasantness grows out of her ability to move heart and spirit…” Johann Andreas Herbst (1643).

The Muffat Collective is a quartet of period instrument specialists from The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, The Netherlands.  Comprising violinists Matthew Greco and Rafael Font-Viera, cellist Anita Gluyas and keyboard player Anthony Abouhamad, the four musicians perform on rare baroque instruments and are dedicated to the historically informed practises of 17th and 18th century chamber music. Recently returned from The Netherlands, they make Australia their home once more, bringing with them the leading practises and expertise from their work in central Europe.

The Collective aims to share rare and newly discovered works by forgotten masters: music that is full of vitality, energy and emotions that speak to us now, as much as they did in the past.

Named after the composer, professor of rhetoric and traveller Georg Muffat (c.1653-1704) who sought to unite different styles and musical tastes not only to “Make perfection in music” but to promote peace amongst the quarrelling nations of Europe, The Collective aims to bring together communities, lovers of music and also those who are new to this style because they believe that there is something in this music for everyone: it has the power to entertain and refresh the spirit!

Tickets: $40/full, $70/family; $30/pensioner; $15/students (full-time)



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