Album Release: Dario Castello/ Sonate Concertate In Stil Moderno, Libro Primo/ Academy Of Ancient Music/ Egarr


The Academy of Ancient Music presents the music of Dario Castello, the hidden genius of Venetian music in its latest album release, available from today on ABC Classics on CD and in digital form.

A contemporary of Claudio Monteverdi, Castello was a composer and wind player who wrote in an innovative style that had a profound effect on generations of Italian composers. Very little is known about him today, but in the 17th century he enjoyed widespread popularity with numerous reprints and wide distribution of his writings.

According to the title-pages of his publications, by 1621 Castello was leader of a wind ensemble and a musician at San Marco in Venice. Castello’s two collections of sonatas, comprising 29 works feature virtuoso instrumental writing, especially for the bassoon. His writing is said to be typical of the concerted stile moderno of the early 17th century.

AAM Music Director Richard Egarr is a lifelong advocate of Castello, and on this recording directs Castello’s first book of sonatas from the harpsichord and organ. Configured as a small chamber group, the AAM performing twelve fiercely virtuosic sonatas for violin, cornetto and dulcian that are full of imagination and colour.

Tracks: Dario Castello Sonate Concertate In Stil Moderno, Libro Primo

1. Sonata prima for two violins
2. Sonata seconda for two violins
3. Sonata terza for violin I and cornetto
4. Sonata quarta for violin I and violetta
5. Sonata quinta for violin II and trombone
6. Sonata sesta for cornetto and violetta
7. Sonata settima for violin I and dulcian
8. Sonata ottava for violin II and dulcian
9. Sonata nona for cornetto, violin I and dulcian
10. Sonata decima for two violins and dulcian
11. Sonata undecima for two violins and dulcian
12. Sonata duodecima for two violins and trombone


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