The Omega Ensemble – A World Premiere by Mark Isaacs,Stanhope and Mahler’s Fourth

Soprano Jane Sheldon
Soprano Jane Sheldon

The Omega Ensemble presents an unusual and intimate performance of the music of Mahler in the July concert of their Virtuoso Series with guest artist, New York based Australian soprano, Jane Sheldon.

Accompanying this German epic are two Australian works including a world premiere of  Chamber Symphony for ensemble and soprano, composed by Mark Isaacs and commissioned especially for  the Omega Ensemble and Paul Stanhope’s Songs of the Shadowland.

Mahler’s Symphony No. 4 is one of the closest to chamber music of all of Mahler’s immense output. This unique arrangement by Klaus Simon from 2007 retains Mahler’s unmistakable orchestral sound within an intimate and innovative chamber setting, drawing new life from Mahler’s symphony.

The Omega Ensemble is joined by Jane Sheldon for the symphony’s final movement presenting a child’s view of heaven as a place of serene delight. 

The programme:

Stanhope, P: Songs of the Shadowland/ Isaacs, M: Chamber Symphony (world premiere)/ Mahler, G: Symphony No 4, arr for chamber ensemble.

The performers:

Lisa Osmialowski (flute), David Papp (oboe), David Rowden (clarinet), Ben Hoadley (bassoon), Michael Dixon (horn), Mark Robinson (percussion), Alison Pratt (percussion), Heidi Jones (harmonium), Maria Raspopova (piano), Huy-Nguyen Bui (violin), Anna McMichael (violin), Neil Thompson (viola), Teije Hylkema (cello), David Campbell (double bass).

Tickets: $89 Premium A reserve / A reserve $69 / Concession $59 / Under 30 $29 

Bookings: click here or call 02 8256 2222


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