The Song Company: ‘Fire Of Love’



The Song Company celebrates  30th anniversary this year. Its 2014 concert series titled A Burning Desire is based on the element of fire and celebrates all things synonymous with fire – love, passion and fireworks.

The first concert is called Fire of Love and tours from 22 February to 4 March in Sydney and across NSW. 

Young love, sweet love, old love, any kind of love is worth a song or two, they say.  From the courtly romance of the troubadours – like Raimbaud de Vaquiras’ Calenda Maya – to the sensuous madrigal musings of Marenzio’s Baci Soavi e Cari, the programme includes the classic songs of Jacques Brel and Cole Porter, and more recent songs from Bon Iver and Pink, confirming the notion that love is eternal. 

Artistic Director Roland Peelman says ‘As much as fire may represent danger, its attraction and purifying power of rebirth holds the key to our past and future and the program to be performed in Fire of Love is the perfect complement to the start of our Burning Desire season.’  






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