A New Release From Bowerbird Collective

The Bowerbird Collective’s newest album is out now digitally and on streaming services ahead of the CD launch this week. Titled Life on Land’s Edge, this new performance work will take you on an epic journey alongside migratory shorebirds as they connect continents and cultures. Life on Land’s Edge draws on art, science, and music from across the ages, featuring eight new works by Australian composers Anne Cawrse, Chris Williams, Corrina Bonshek, Gambirra Illume and Simone Slattery, co-commissioned by the Bowerbird Collective and BirdLife Australia, as well as works by Philip Glass and Antonio Vivaldi.

Co-commissioned by BirdLife Australia, Life on Land’s Edge was developed over a 3-year period of research, international collaboration, explorations of some of Australia’s migratory shorebird hubs, the production of multiple online performances during the Covid-19 pandemic,
and more recently, tours and performances.

Comprehensive liner notes include stunning bird photography by Chris Purnell, Nigel Jackett and Tristan Stringer, art work by Annie Day and Kate Gorringe-Smith and verses by Maggie Slattery.

More information and pre-order the CD

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