Arranging Masterclass With Soulfood A Capella

Melissa Kenny with Soulfood A Capella
Melissa Kenny with Soulfood A Capella
Soulfood a capella ensemble is running a masterclass on arranging, offering a hands-on, behind-the-scenes look at creating that signature Soulfood sound.
Soulfood’s Artistic Director, Melissa Kenny will conduct this three-hour during which four original arrangements ranging from up tempo to ballads will be deconstructed and put together again. Participants will then create a new piece in five-part harmony and hear it come to life with some of Soulfood’s singers live on stage.

Soulfood invites people with all levels of experience whether they are new to arranging, looking to build on existing skills, or just wanting to see some of the work that goes on behind this award-winning a cappella group.

Email: Phone: 0413 962 461/ Website:

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