Australian Vocal Ensemble (AVÉ) Releases First Short Film

The Australian Vocal Ensemble (AVÉ) have released their first creative short film inspired by the composition used in the video, Peace I Leave with You, composed by AVÉ’s tenor, Andrew Goodwin. 

This collaboration with dancers Allie Graham and Billy Keohavong is directed by Gavain Browne and shot by DOP Tony Luu ACS It examines the body as a vessel representing the duality of both internal and external peace.  

Katie Noonan launched AVÉ in 2021, comprising herself and three of Australia’s best-known artists,  tenor Andrew Goodwin and bass baritone Andrew O’Connor, both from Sydney and mezzo-soprano Fiona Campbell from Perth.

Andrew Goodwin says I composed Peace I Leave with you during lockdown after finding the verse, my father’s favourite from the Bible, on the back of the order of service from his funeral many years ago. It was an incredibly moving experience for me as it enabled me to grieve for him after so many years. Having it performed by some of Australia’s finest voices is a wonderful privilege, but having it also filmed so beautifully is beyond anything I could have imagined and befits the memory of my beautiful father, Frank Charles Goodwin.” 

Peace I Leave with you explores internal and external harmony and dissonance using movement, dance, light and camera angles. It was filmed at Carriageworks on Gadigal Country June 2022.

“After the turmoil and exhaustion of the last 2.5 years, we wanted to make a profoundly meditative world in which the viewer can disappear from the world, surrender and be in the moment with us – in a private world of beauty through movement and sound”  says Katie Noonan. 

Peace I Leave with you is now live on YouTube, where it remains free for audiences to enjoy, explore, meditate and find solace and a sense of peace. 





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