Bach In The Dark – Cello And Guitars Online

Bach in the Dark’s live streaming concerts continue with cellist Rachel Scott in league with classical guitarists Raffaele and Janet Agostino,  playing Bach, Vivaldi, Offenbach, and music from around the world – some of their favourites, and some new arrangements as well.

You can join Rachel and her friends from all over the country, or indeed, the world – in living rooms, around the fire pit, sitting in slippers, or dancing around your rooms!

Rachel observes “I am realising more and more – not just from performing, but also the teaching I’m doing at the moment – just how powerful music is. It can lift us up, make us smile, cocoon us and gently soothe. It is so vitally important – especially in these times of strangeness and uncertainty.”

Tickets: $7.50. If you’d like to give a little more, then that would be really welcome, as it’s a hard time for artists right now.

At 5pm, you’ll be sent a youtube link to the concert that you need to click on before 7pm.

IF YOU HAVEN’T GOT THE LINK BY 5.30, PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] SO THEY CAN SEND IT TO YOU DIRECTLY. When you click on it, you’ll see the back room with the Bach in the Dark sign on it. You’ve arrived! Pour yourself a glass of wine.

Rachel adds “The best listening experience will be to listen through speakers, or headphones. Bear in mind that this isn’t broadcast quality –there may be some glitches that will be out of our control. But we’ll do our best! At 7pm, or shortly thereafter, we should appear (if all goes to plan). And then we’ll play for you as beautifully as we can. Have another glass of wine. Sit and be in the moment. Hopefully you can forget all the craziness, just for a short time.”

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