Bach in the dark features ‘Cello and spoken word

Cellist Rachel Scott describes her annual concert series Bach in the Dark as  “An unconventional Classical concert concept celebrating the music of J.S. Bach and beyond.”

Each year she teams up with a variety of other musicians to perform programmes of music that begin with the music of J S Bach, and which then meander though works that have evolved from his style or his works.

Rachel Scott’s next concert involves a pairing she has not previously presented. In ‘Cello and Spoken Word,  actor Paul Armstrong joins Scott and presents readings to fit with some “really interesting music.” The crypt of St James’ Church, King Street provides an intimate venue with an acoustic that is well suited to the presentation which will feature works by J.S. Bach, Martin Wesley-Smith, Prokofiev, Shakespeare, Milan Kundera and David Malouf.

Tickets: $35. Book at or visit and click on the ‘t’ sign for each concert.

Enquiries/ booking number (02)9591-1207.

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