Gems from The Emerald Isle – The Sydney Consort

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The Sydney Consort invites you to a concert of Irish tunes blending with classical flavour and interspersed with delightful works by composers from the Emerald Isle.

The rhythm of the Irish jig, charismatic harmony and the sounds of the  celtic harp will combine in traditional and classical music from Ireland.

The ensemble for this concert comprises

  • Nadia Piave – soprano
  • Hans-Dieter Michatz – recorder
  • Stan W. Kornel – baroque violin
  • Verna Lee – harp
  • Monika Kornel – harpsichord

Together, they will perform music for voice, flute, violin, harp and harpsichord by Turlough O’Carolan, Thomas Roseingrave, Burk Thumoth and other rarely performed Irish composers.

Tickets: or at the door 30 minutes before the concert. 

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