Bach In The Dark On New Year’s Eve

When: Thursday December 31, 2020

At: 11.15 pm

Where: Online

Cellist Rachel Scott will entertain on New Year’s Eve, with a programme of solo Bach in her popular series Bach in the Dark.

She will play Bach’s 3rd cello suite – full of joy, hope and energy as we turn to face a new year. Lasting just 30 minutes, her performance will be over in time to watch the fireworks or toast the end of the year with your nearest and dearest.

This is a free concert. However, if you’d like, feel free to make a donation to support Rachel in her performing and teaching activities. She says “At one of the schools I go to I teach class music to a year 5 student who is having violin lessons on a scholarship (but it doesn’t last much longer…). This particular little person has had a really tough start – their family has fled to Australia for a better start to life. They are here legally, and starting afresh. But violin lessons are expensive. They cost $30 a week for this family. Perhaps you might consider giving this lovely little young musician part of a lesson in return for my Bach, if you are able? But if that’s not for you at the moment, please just join me – I don’t mind either way…”

Go here – – to register for your free ticket now. Even though the concert is free, you’ll still need to register for it so they can send you the link! Registrations will end at 9pm on December 31.

At 9.30 pm, you’ll be sent a YouTube link to the concert that you need to click on before 11.15pm. IF YOU HAVEN’T GOT THE LINK BY 10pm, PLEASE EMAIL Rachel at At about 11.10pm, things will go live…

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