Jane Rutter Releases New Remix Of The Last Post For ANZAC Day

Flautist Jane Rutter has released a new track, The Last Post Remix. This ANZAC Day flute and didgeridoo meditation remix is jazzy, rhythmic and haunting. It is a tribute to Australian Indigenous soldiers and to Rutter’s grandfather, Lt. Commander John Noble Shipton.

Lt Commander Shipton was decorated in both World Wars. A sapper in the Light Horse Brigade, wounded at Gallipoli, he continued serving until his retirement.

Producer and DJ HUIE has remixed Rutter’s flute & didgeridoo meditation version of The Last Post with the new track featuring Paul Boon playing the didgeridoo, text from Adam Lindsay Gordon and Respect to All in language.

With this release, Rutter aims to pay tribute to the fallen, particularly First Nations Australian soldiers, who have served Australia for over 100 years and to give a frame of reference to and make relevant Anzac Day for younger generations.

Aware that some prefer The Last Post to remain as a solo bugle piece, the track was made and produced with the greatest respect to all diggers (ANZAC soldiers) and their families… it’s a topic close to my heart…’ says Rutter.

I should live the same life over, if I had to live again;
And the chances are I go where most men go…

Let me slumber in the hollow where the wattle blossoms wave….
With never stone or rail to fence my bed …
from The Sick Stock Rider by Adam Lindsay Gordon

The Last Post Remix (Single) Listen across all digital platforms

Translation of Language (with permission) at the end of the track: ‘Respect to you; Respect to me; Respect All’

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