Candlelit Choral Works From Bel A Cappella


Bel A Cappella’s August concert which will be performed by candlelight, is named after the centrepiece of its programme,  the Missa Papae Marcelli (“Pope Marcellus Mass”) by  Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. The mass for six voices was composed c. 1561 and is dedicated to Pope Marcellus II, who established the Council of Trent which sought reform in the composition of polyphonic sacred music so that the words were intelligible by congregations.

Also in the programme, Lobo’s Versa est in luctum, Cotes’ Mortuus est Philippus Rex, and pieces by Tallis, Josquin, Tomkins, Ramsey and Weelkes, as well as the Australian premiere of David Basden’s Alleluia O virga mediatrix from Hildegard von Bingen.

Conducting the ensemble is its musical director, Anthony Pasquill. Anthony is a graduate of the Symphony Services International Core Conductors Program where he worked with orchestras in Melbourne, Hobart and Auckland under the tutelage of conductors such as Eckehard Stier, Sebastian Lang-Lessing and Christopher Seaman.

In 2009, Bel A Cappella won first place in both the Chamber Choir and Sacred Choral Awards in the Sydney Eisteddfod. The choir presents its own concert series annually as well as performing at choral events in and around Sydney.

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