‘Check my Machine’ from Synergy Percussion


The future of percussion has landed!

Bree van Reyk, Evan Mannell and Timothy Constable are space ninjas on a mission – to change the face of music, one BPM at a time. Check My Machine is electro pop, gnarly beat programming and LEDs. Vintage hip hop boxes sit alongside solid state drives, analogue drums with analogue drum synths, CMM surge forward creating crafty dance music that is now. The new material features guest vocals by Ngaiire, Miss Little, DUNE and Sikkim Rex. Robbie Avenaim gets involved with his SARPS robots in what is sure to be one of the most talked about debuts of September. Furious beats amongst stylish landscapes, eschewing the norm, welcome to the frontier of electronic music performance.

Tickets  or call (+61 2) 9280 4260


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