The 35th Annual Runnymede Pop Festival


The Renaissance Players directed by Winsome Evans presents the 35th Runnymede Pop Festival in October 2013. 

The plucked, blown, bowed, keyboard and percussion instruments will include harp, psaltery, mandora, gittern, ud, diwan saz, sinfonye, rebecs, vielles, shawms, lur, mute cornett, gemshorns, whistles, portative organ, tapans, dairehs, darabukka, castanets, tambourines, zils and handbells.

After many months preparing and then completing the recording, mastering and remastering of 6 new CDs, followed by a performance in Sydney’s Greek Folk Festival, The Renaissance Players have pleasure in presenting This concert series which has established itself as the longest running, regular festival of mediæval music, poetry and mime in Australia. These Festivals continue to reinforce The Renaissance Players’ long-standing association with Sydney University and its Great Hall  the venue in which they presented their first concert in September, 1966.

The 1st Runnymede Pop Festival was celebrated in 1973 in the Great Hall with eminent performers such as Prof. Frederick May, Graham Pushee, Lyndon Terracini, Michael Atherton, Barbara Stackpool, Wayne Richmond, Jonathan Rubin and Winsome Evans.

Singers Jenny Duck-Chong and Nicole Thomson
Singers Jenny Duck-Chong and Nicole Thomson

Singers: Nicole Thomson, Jenny Duck-Chong, Mara Kiek, Susie Bishop

Multi-instrumentalists: Winsome Evans, Andrew Lambkin, Llew Kiek, James Wannan

Poetry Reader: Geoff Sirmai; Miming Clown: Erasmus

Suggested donation $35

Tickets: (02) 4751 4910; 0414 716 968, or at door






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