Chiaroscuro: The Sydney Art Quartet + Bill Henson

Sydney Art Quartet
Sydney Art Quartet

The Sydney Art Quartet embarks on a new collaboration with Bill Henson, one of Australia’s most compelling artists, to perform Chiaroscuro – an evocative, dreamlike response to Henson’s latest work. The concerts will take place at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery and are set within a solo exhibition of new works by Bill Henson – his first in Sydney in seven years.

Mirroring Henson’s thematic material, The Sydney Art Quartet’s performance will be steeped in references to classical civilisations, baroque art and an ethereal dream-like sensibility.

The collaboration is the latest offering from the Sydney Art Quartet, who have distinguished themselves in the Australian arts scene for their multi-art, multi-sensory approach. Previous Sydney Art Quartet projects have included collaborations with actor David Wenham, floral curator Saskia Havekes, fragrance designer Carlos Huber and Archibald Award-winning painter Wendy Sharpe.


Chiaroscuro: The Sydney Art Quartet + Bill Henson


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