Dollhouse – New Ideas In Performing Orchestral Music

Clarinet virtuoso Martin Frost is looking to push the boundaries of the traditional performance and has created a multi-media symphonic work Dollhouse which was premiered by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic in 2013.

Dollhouse combines a symphonic performance of the music of Stravinsky, Hillborg, Dukas, Sørensen,  Göran Fröst and de Falla with choreography and lighting design. (Link to trailer below).

Frost forces a rethink of the paradigm about how musicians communicate and who leads the ensemble. In Dollhouse,”communication takes place on several levels and habitual patterns are sometimes turned on their heads when we realize that an orchestra can be led in different ways from those we are accustomed to.”

Frost says “Dollhouse is very much about liberation, both in its physical and symbolical form, about the invisible threads that hold us to the earth, tie us together and can wear away. It is a concert with movement as its centre, a metaphor in the footsteps of Petrushka and Pinocchio.”

Read more about Frost’s thinking behind the creation from the New York Times

Click here to watch the trailer of Dollhouse.


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