Lute Classics From Move Records

Lute classics are the feature on Move Records’ new release Walsingham. Australian lutenist Rosemary Hodgson takes an “intricately constructed musical journey exploring themes of mysticism and pilgrimage” in a story that goes back to the 11th century.

According to the tale, the Virgin Mary appeared to a noble woman called Richeldis de Faverche in Norfolk England, and there in Walsingham, the shrine to the Holy Family was built. To this day, it is a spiritual destination for English and international pilgrims. When Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries in the 16th century, a lament for the loss of this Holy Place was embedded in a song whose tune, known as Walsingham, captured the imagination of renaissance composers, seven of whom wrote variations on Walsingham for the lute. Hodgson has gathered variations by John Dowland, John Johnson, Edward Collard, John Marchant, Francis Cutting, George Huwitt and Anthony Holborne to form a contemplative Marian rondo in this world premiere collection. 

Walsingham is available on CD now at and for download and streaming on all popular digital platforms.

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