Opera Australia Raises The Curtain For La Traviata Scene Change

Image courtesy Opera Australia, credit Prudence Upton
Image courtesy Opera Australia, credit Prudence Upton

Get a rare look at how a winter courtyard turns into into a sumptuous salon in just 4 minutes when Opera Australia leaves the curtain open during the scene change between scenes 1 and 2 of Act II of Verdi’s La Traviata, giving the audience a glimpse of how the magic really happens in this hugely popular and acclaimed production.

On Monday 12 March, the audience can see more than 30 Opera Australia and Sydney Opera House crew execute one of the fastest and most complex scene changes in the company’s repertoire. Until the launch of the first open curtain scene change in 2017, the curtain has always been closed and the audience are literally left in the dark to ponder the emotionally wrenching ‘country garden scene’ with Violetta and Alfredo’s father, while the crew work their magic. When the curtain rises four minutes later, the sparse, autumnal garden has been miraculously transformed into the glamorously, lush and lavish parlour scene, teaming with colour, life and more than 20 performers. This is a wonderful opportunity for opera buffs and curious theatre-goers to have a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes action of Elijah Moshinsky’s highly acclaimed production of La Traviata. 

Australian soprano Nicole Car sings the role of Violetta Valery with Ji-Min Park as Alfredo Germont,  Vitaliy Bilyy as Giorgio Germont with the Opera Australia Orchestra and Opera Australia Chorus conducted by Andrea Licata.  View and download a time lapse video of the open curtain scene change


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