Peter Bassett Talks For The Wagner Society NSW

download3Dramaturge and Artistic Administrator for the 2004 Adelaide Ring Peter Bassett, is a regular contributor to Opera Australia’s programs. He has published widely on Wagner’s works, recorded talks on the Ring for Decca, and has lectured in Europe, North America and throughout Australia and New Zealand. For two decades Peter served in the Australian diplomatic service and, since 2001 he has led more than 30 overseas tours for Renaissance Tours.

In his presentation for the Wagner Society of NSW, Peter recalls the Adelaide Ring and Parsifal. He will be showing exciting DVD footage from:

  • 1998 Tate/Strosser Ring  20 mins.
  • 2001 Tate/Neidhardt Parsifal (the Flowermaidens scene with Poul Elming 4 mins.
  • 2004 Fisch/Neidhardt Ring, 20 mins.

These are all taken from ABC documentary archive material which he has purchased, but edited  to feature the best bits. He also has some stills of these memorable productions.

The presentation will be followed by afternoon tea.

There will be a DVD screening at 12.30 of Visconti’s Ludwig (
As this is a very long DVD its screening will be spread out before the February, March, April meetings.

All welcome – $20 for members, $25 for guests and $10 for students


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