Russian Romantics In Recital


Join pianist Chris Cartner when he performs this collection of dramatic and passionate masterpieces which are legacies to the era of the great Russian Romantics.

Russia’s frozen landscapes ignited warmth in the heart of Tchaikovsky, inspiring hugely emotional music which paved the way for the Romantic revolution in his homeland.  Rachmaninoff’s popular solo piano works are masterpieces which place melody and virtuosity side by side, whilst Scriabin’s intensely passionate offerings are often seen as hidden gems.  Prokofiev’s imaginative score for Romeo and Juliet is bold, brilliant, heartfelt and shocking. 

Resonance Concerts and Events prides itself on presenting outstanding, one-hour, early evening concerts which are informal and social.

Pianist Chris Cartner
Pianist Chris Cartner

The programme: 

S. Rachmaninoff – Étude-tableaux in C minor, op. 33 no.5/P. I. Tchaikovsky –Méditation from Morceaux, op.72 no.5,/ A. Scriabin – Étude in C# minor, op.2 no.1, Étude in E major, op.8 no.5/ S. Prokofiev – Ballet Suite Romeo and Juliet – i)  Minuet, ii) Juliet, the young girl, iii) Dance of the Knights, iv) Romeo bids Juliet farewell/ S. Rachmaninoff – Prelude in G# minor, op.23 no.12, Étude-tableaux in Eb minor, op.39 no.5, Prelude in Eb major, op.23 no.6/ Prelude in Bb major, op.23 no.2.

Tickets $20/25


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