Songs Jessye’s Sung


Soprano Julia Wee and pianist Lucas Allerton present a musical program inspired by the great African-American soprano Jessye Norman and the struggle for civil liberties and freedoms. The program includes spirituals and songs by Mahler and Strauss. Come and be enveloped in this rapturous program of music that will move you with its tales of battles fought and won in the journey of life and love.

Julia and Lucas debuted this programme for Artsong Canberra in September 2017 debut performance of this program for Artsong Canberra earning the comment that Julia “established an immediate, genuine rapport with her audience” and “invested the song with a strength and emotion that was very moving…The piano accompaniment by Lucus Allerton was especially fine.”

For this performance, Julia and Lucus will be joined by guest artist Pamela Andrews. All three first met as students at the ANU School of Music, Canberra. Each finding their own way after graduating, this is the first time they have come together again to give this very special presentation.

Tickets: $40/$30


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