SUMS Sings Jenkins


Sydney University Musical Society and the University of Sydney Union present Karl Jenkins’ modern masterpiece Stella Natalis (Birth Star).

Composed in 2009, Stella Natalis is a twelve-movement work celebrating different aspects of Christmastide, such as winter, the sleeping child, peace and thanksgiving. Over the jittery, uneven rhythms, the chorus sings in languages that include English, Latin, Sanskrit, and Zulu. The trance-like repeats in the orchestra and the sweeping lines in the chorus give the piece a primal feel, with big blocks of harmony and broad strokes rather than frequently changing harmony of conventional Western choir music.

For this concert SUMS will be joined by two exceptional soloists, Joanna Cole of the Melbourne Opera will be the soprano soloist whilst the notoriously challenging trumpet solo will be performed by Opera Australia’s Brian Evans.


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