Sydney Youth Orchestras Appoints New Chair

Sydney Youth Orchestras has announced that after a decade and a half as Chair of  SYO, Jan Bowen AM will be stepping down from this position. Shane Simpson AM has been appointed as her successor.

When it was founded in 1973 SYOs could only dream of what it has become today. This is directly attributable to Jan Bowen AM’s stewardship of this distinguished organisation for the past decade and a half.

During her time as Chair of he SYO, Jan Bowen has worked tirelessly to ensure that the ensemble has been an integral part of the cultural fabric of Sydney and Australia. SYO has trained thousands of talented, young musicians to take their place in professional music organisations in Australia and the world. The impact of her leadership is demonstrated by the illustrious list of alumni, glowing press reviews and stunning high calibre events attended by Sydney’s arts elites. Today, SYO is standing proud amongst its fellow Sydney arts organisation cohorts.

Mr Shane Simpson AM brings to the Chair a wealth of experience not only as a lawyer within the arts community, but as a current and past board member with many cultural organisations, such as the Australian National Academy of Music, Bundanon Trust, the National Library of Australia and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

He says “I’m eager to provide equity of access to a cultural richness that is sometimes not available to all. The practice of music, art and story-telling has been central throughout the evolution and development of mankind. It still is. Whether we are physically, intellectually, economically or socially privileged or disadvantaged, we all need and deserve the enriching and transformative power of the arts, and the ability to relate to others in our community through these mediums. I want to break down or climb over any barriers of access to the opportunities that the Sydney Youth Orchestras offer. We have an exciting future ahead, and I can’t wait to be a part of it”.

Sydney Youth Orchestras is the leading orchestral training and education provider in New South Wales, with a membership of over 550 young musicians, aged 6-25, placed within 13 orchestras. Sydney Youth Orchestras teaches young musicians valuable practical skills – whether transforming students into professionals or creating audiences of the future. It is the pathway for young musicians to champion orchestral music.

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