The Metropolitan Orchestra Plays Russian Greats

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The Metropolitan Orchestra will showcase two grand Russian works in their second Met Concert for 2016, one of which is Tchaikovsky’s famous Piano Concerto No 1 and the other, the colossal Symphony No 10 by Shostakovich.

Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto has one of the most recognisable openings in classical music and is also one of the best known piano concertos of all time.  Streeton Trio’s pianist Benjamin Kopp will join TMO to perform this potent concerto. He has performed as soloist with the Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Western Australian Symphony Orchestras.

As well, more than 80 musicians will join on stage for this all Russian evening conducted by TMO’s Russian-trained Chief Conductor, Sarah-Grace Williams, which concludes with Shostakovich’s enormous 10th Symphony.  First performed only months after Stalin’s death, this vast symphonic work evokes personal feelings of tragedy, despair, terror and violence to conclude in a final moment of triumph.  It has been said that only Shostakovich can be so optimistic, pessimistic and ultimately realistic without any sense of contradiction in one work.  This imposing, yet majestic symphony promises an exhilarating and complete musical journey.

The programme:

TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Concerto no 1/SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony no 10

Conductor:Sarah-Grace Williams/ Piano: Benjamin Kopp (Streeton Trio)

The Metropolitan Orchestra 

Tickets: from $22.00

Click here for more information and to book.

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