‘The Planets’ in Multi-media from the Willoughby Symphony



Willoughby Symphony presents an innovative multimedia performance The Planets, in which the live orchestral performance combines with a vivid visual accompaniment.

Conducted by Opera Australia’s Associate Musical Director, Anthony Legge, the concert will begin with Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony, followed by Holst’s The Planets – a suite of seven movements each of which is named after and expresses the character of each of the planets in the solar system.

Digital Arts exponent Lubi Thomas has curated the visual display, developed by some of Australia’s most talented digital artists. Each visual component is an astrological interpretation of each movement, projected as a backdrop to the live musical performance. This astrological influence, rather than astronomy or mythology, was Holst’s original inspiration for his famous composition.

Lubi is Senior Curator-Digital Media at Queensland University Technology (QUT), Brisbane, and has extensive experience in the development and delivery of digital media exhibitions and associated public and educational programs. Lubi works in Sydney, nationally and internationally on digital media projects and consultancies.

For further information or to book, phone 1300 795 012 or visit www.theconcourse.com.au


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