The Secret Noise – Not For Public Consumption


“Not all music was made for public consumption.” – a challenging assertion from Ensemble Offspring, Sydney’s musical innovators, who will be joined by a cast of dancers and actors in a concert called The Secret Noise which will delve into the secrets of hidden sound in a hybrid arts production inspired by music that is deliberately shielded from public life. 

The Secret Noise is a surreal multi-sensory promenade somewhere between music, dance and physical installation. The audience will be invited to join in this exploration over a series of fantastical scenes where they will move through the catacomb-like maze of Sydney’s Lower Town Hall, uncovering secrets and hidden messages in this intimate performance. This multifaceted production exists not only as a performance experience, but as a collection of recordings and a dedicated website – the more the audience engages across these platforms, the more the work reveals itself. 

Created by composer and co-Artistic Director of Ensemble Offspring, Damien Ricketson, The Secret Noise has something to offer for everyone. Straddling several worlds of music genres with references ranging from Haydn to Shostakovich to Led Zeppelin, Ricketson has also created new musical instruments for the work. 

These world premiere concerts feature some of the leading names in contemporary performance including Ensemble Offspring regulars Jason Noble, Claire Edwardes and Bree Van Reyk, dancers Narelle Benjamin and Katherine Cogill, actor Katia Molino (who has learned to speak and sing backwards for the work – a skill now shared with Mozart), and director Carlos Gomes.

Tickets $40/$20

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Read about The Secret Noise on Pozible.

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