Thoroughbass Plays Music Inspired By The Spanish Baroque In Fans, Fantasias And Fandangos


Thoroughbass performs Fans, fantasias and fandangos – music from or influenced by the Spanish baroque with its vigorous rhythms, outlandish dissonance and heart-felt melodies which express the soul of Spain.

Thoroughbass musicians Shaun Ng (viola da gamba), Shaun Warden (violin) and Diana Weston (harpsichord) brings the past into the present in this concert with present-day music based on that of centuries ago. In his suite Fantasia para un Gentilhombre, Rodrigo really lets his imagination fly. Basing this set of 4 movements on the baroque and folk music of Spain, we hear marches, dances, songs and the raw street sounds of foot-stamping, hand-clapping and guitar-strums. Stephen Yates’ modern-day take on an anonymous Spanish 18th century fandango resulted in his own melodramatic fantasy Fandangle Indeed. Wind back the clock a couple of centuries and we find Domenico Scarlatti doing a similar thing. His sonatas for harpsichord reveal strangely modern dissonances, insistent patterns and heart-breaking melodies set to guitar-like accompaniments. Eerily similar in style is Bach’s Fantasia in C minor.

TicketsAdults $30 | Concession $25. Available online or at the door. Booking recommended at



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